9406 Round The City Rescue Rug & Vehicle Set 3+

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This colorful play rug comes with four rescue vehicles ready to swoop in whenever there's an emergency! Big enough for trains, chunky play figures, and vehicles of all kinds, the woven rug features a cityscape complete with hospital, fire station, helipad, police station, apartment buildings, and more, all conveniently connected by a two-lane road. Durably made to look great for countless playtimes to come, this rug lays a clear path to imagination!


  • Detailed scene includes hospital, fire station, helipad, police station, and more
  • Includes 4 colorful wooden rescue vehicles: ambulance, fire truck, helicopter, and police car
  • Rug's skid-proof backing is safe on all floor surfaces
  • Durable material is machine-washable
  • Numbered parking spaces add counting and sequencing fun


  • Product: 39"L x 36"W 3.5 lbs
  • Package: 40.5" H x 4" W x 4" L 3.6 lbs
Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Ask the child to identify the colors on each vehicle.

  • Point to the numbers in the parking spots as you count aloud. Challenge the child to say the numbers aloud when you point to them, first in numerical order and then out of order.

  • Choose a number 1 through 4 by pulling a vehicle into the parking spot with that number. Ask the child to find a group on the rug that illustrates that number. For instance, pull the helicopter into the Number 3 spot; the child could point out there are 3 traffic cones at the heliport.

  • Ask the child to drive a route around the city based on your directions. For instance, you could say, "Make a right turn out of the fire station, then a left turn at the crosswalk. Follow the first arrow into the traffic circle. . . "

  • Challenge the child to stack one vehicle on top of another and see how far he or she can roll it without letting the top vehicle fall over!

  • Line up the police car, ambulance, and fire truck on the edge of the rug opposite the pit stop. Challenge the child to give each vehicle a single push to roll it across the rug.

  • Move a vehicle along the road from one location to another. Ask the child to watch you and then follow the same route from memory. Take turns being the leader and the follower as you change the route around the rug.

  • Place the vehicles around the rug and ask the child to stand on the fountain in the center. Challenge the child to keep his or her feet in place while reaching to move the vehicles according to your instructions. For instance, you could say, "Move the helicopter to the gray skyscraper," or "Make the police car and the ambulance switch spots."

  • Encourage the child to tell a story using the rug and vehicles. Perhaps the fire engine's ladder isn't tall enough to get to the burning apartment and the helicopter comes to help out. Or the police car could get lost on the way to rescue someone and needs to radio for directions!

  • Play a guessing game by giving the child clues and seeing how quickly he or she can determine the right answer. For example, you could say, "I am thinking of something green. There are 6 of them. They are in front of the hospital . . ." (bushes).

  • Add your own toys: Round the City Rescue Rug is designed to play perfectly with toys you already have! Use additional wooden cars, chunky puzzle pieces, and play people to fill the scene and play make-believe. Add police officers, firefighters, doctors, and residents; build up your heliport high off the surface of the rug with blocks; or add a statue to the fountain in the center. Get creative and have fun!

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