9401 Round the Speedway Race Track Rug & Car Set 3+years

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Race the cars around the track, to the pit stop, past the cheering crowds, and all the way to the winner's circle! With this rug, there are lots of ways to learn and play. The rug is made with durable material and is machine-washable. Skid-proof backing makes it safe on all floor surfaces and the reinforced border binding prevents fraying. Includes four wooden race cars to speed around the tracks! The extra-large format is big enough for multiple kids and lots of cars. Numbered cars and parking spaces add counting and sequencing fun.


  • Sturdy woven floor rug features race track design for endless hours of imaginative playtime
  • Includes 4 colorful wooden race cars
  • Durable rug material is machine-washable; skid-proof backing is safe on all floor surfaces
  • Numbered parking spaces add counting and sequencing fun
  • Extra-large format is big enough for multiple kids and lots of cars


  • Product: 39"L x 36"W 3.5 lbs
  • Package: 40.5" H x 4" W x 4" L 3.6 lbs
Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Ask the child to identify the color of each car.

  • Ask the child to count the cars and place them in the numbered pit stop spaces.

  • Point to the numbers in the pit stop spaces as you count aloud. Challenge the child to say the numbers aloud when you point to them, first in numerical order and then out of order.

  • Choose a number 1 through 4 by pulling a race car into the pit stop space with that number. Ask the child to find a group on the rug that illustrates that number. For instance, with the blue (Number 4) race car, the child could point out that there are 4 flags in the stands

  • Line up the race cars on the edge of the rug opposite the pit stop. Challenge the child to give each car a single push to roll it across the rug to the matching parking space. For two (or more) children, challenge them to pick a car and race it across the rug to the winner's circle as fast as possible with a single push.

  • Choose a pace car and designate a route around the rug. Ask the child to watch your car and then to follow the same route from memory. Take turns being the leader and the follower as you change the race route around the rug.

  • Place the cars around the rug and ask the child to stand on the flag in the center. Challenge the child to keep his or her feet in place while reaching to move the cars according to your instructions. For instance, you could say, "Move the red car to the run-off area," or "Make the orange car and the green car switch places."

  • Encourage the child to tell a story using the rug and cars. Perhaps the orange car stops to help when the green car pulls over into the run-off area because it has a flat tire. Or the blue car could be so far ahead of the pack that it takes a break to gas up at the pump as the red car suddenly passes it on the straightaway!

  • Play a guessing game by giving the child clues and seeing how quickly he or she can determine the right answer. For example, you could say, "I am thinking of something orange. There are 10 of them. They are in the run-off area ..." (traffic cones).

  • Add your own toys: Round the Speedway Race Track Rug is designed to play perfectly with toys you already have! Use additional wooden cars, chunky puzzle pieces, play people, and traffic signs to fill the scene and play make-believe. Add members of the pit crew and cheering fans in the stands; change the race route by adding detour signs; or get creative and set up a county fair in the winner's circle.


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