4335 Store & Serve Frozen Food Set 3+

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When it's time for a pretend play meal or snack, just grab a frozen treat from these "cool" freezer bags! The five resealable cloth bags have self-stick tabs to keep wooden food pieces "fresh" when shopping or stocking play freezers. Play food includes broccoli, waffles, ravioli, chicken tenders, and blueberries. Serve up make-believe meals, then store leftovers to "freeze" for later!


  • Pretend play freezer bags with wooden food pieces
  • Play food includes broccoli, waffles, ravioli, chicken tenders, and blueberries
  • Cloth bags are resealable and include serving suggestions
  • Great for counting, sorting, motor skill development, and imaginative play


  • Product: 10" x 13" x 2.5" Packaged 2 lbs
  • Package: 13.2" H x 10.5" W x 2.5" L
Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • MIX & MATCH: Mix up all the pieces on a flat surface. Have kids sort them into five piles of matching pieces. Have them identify the colors on the pieces, then ask them to count the pieces as they put them in the correct pouches.

  • FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Help kids identify each of the frozen foods. Talk about how you might cook each type (steam the broccoli, boil the ravioli, and so on). Which have they tried and which are their favorites? Ask kids to describe how each tastes and sounds (sweet, crispy, cheesy, etc.).

  • MEMORY GAME: Line up one of each food in front of kids. While they close their eyes, remove one piece and then ask kids to identify which you "ate"! For an extra challenge, remove a piece, then mix up the order of remaining pieces.

  • FOOD FUN: Each bag has suggestions for different ways to enjoy the food. Ask kids which they have tried (maybe ravioli with tomato sauce or a waffle egg sandwich) and which they want to try. Have kids think of even more serving suggestions!

  • MEAL MENUS: Encourage kids to create a menu for a breakfast, lunch, and dinner they might make using at least one of the frozen foods in each meal. Challenge them to use more than one of the foods in one of the meals.

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