2470 Wooden Flexible Figures - Caucasian Family 3+

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This flexible family of wooden dolls sits, stands, bends, and more! Perfect for populating play sets, dollhouses, or playing family in any imaginative setting, the seven figures include a mom and dad, grandparents, brother, sister, and even a wooden baby to hold! Flexible limbs let kids three and older pose the dolls in different positions for limitless creative pretend play possibilities. Largest doll measures approximately 4.5 inches.


  • Set of 7 wooden figures with flexible limbs to bend and pose
  • Family includes a mom, dad, grandparents, brother, sister, baby (baby does not have flexible limbs)
  • Doll play encourages creative play and helps kids develop fine motor and social and emotional skills
  • 3+ years
  • Perfect for dollhouses, play sets, or playing family in any imaginative setting


  • Product: 12" x 2" x 8.25" Packaged 0.8 lbs
  • Package: 12" H x 8.25" W x 2" L
Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • NAME GAME: Have kids give the figures names and personalities and tell a story about where they live and what they like to do.

  • RAINBOW REVIEW: Help kids identify the colors on the figures. Have them find the same colors on different figures, and challenge them to find other objects that match the colors of each figure.

  • YES OR NO: Challenge kids to guess the figure you're thinking of by asking a series of yes or no questions. Take turns being the guesser.

  • STORY TIME: Create a story line or scene and ask kids to use the figures to act it out. Encourage them to use different voices for each character.

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