1318 Band-in-a-Box - Hum! Jangle! Shake! 3+

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Got music? Everything needed for a solo performance or to form a marching band. Features a xylophone, a kazoo, castanets, a harmonica and a jingle stick in a wooden crate! Ideal for involving preschoolers in the musical experience.


  • Encourage participation in music
  • Includes a kazoo, a harmonica, a xylophone, a jingle stick and castanets
  • 7-piece set
  • 1.75"H x 7.35"L x 13.25"W Packaged
  • 3+ years



  • Product: 1.75" x 7.35" x 13.25" Packaged 2.4 lbs
  • Package: 14.5" H x 11" W x 2.3" L

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